Healthpoint Acupressure System – a closer look

In a previous post I examined the connection between acupuncture and its effectiveness in relieving high blood pressure.  Today I am going to review an acupressure machine which may be used at home to treat a number of different conditions, including high blood pressure.healthpoint device

The Healthpoint Acupressure System HPKit1M* is a handheld device which uses a process of electro-acupuncture by finding and then gently stimulating the relevant acupuncture points in the body to provide relief for a variety of health conditions.

There are specific acupoints (acupressure points) in the body which can then be stimulated directly to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety

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Acupuncture vs Acupressure – what’s the difference?

In case there is any confusion over the two terms above the difference is simply explained:

An acupoint  can be stimulated with different methods.  Acupuncture and acupressure are both methods used to stimulate acupoints. So, basically acupuncture uses a hair-thin needle to stimulate an acupoint whereas acupressure uses a firm pressure to massage the acupoints.

In the case of the Healthpoint device the acupoint is stimulated by safely applying a mild electrical current from the battery operated unit to produce the desired results.

Does Acupressure lower blood pressure?

There have been a number of studies which have examined using acupuncture to treat hypertension and the results are certainly favourable.

In one ongoing study conducted by Dr. Randal Zusman at Massachusetts General Hospital, some patients are experiencing a significant drop in BP.  One patient commented to the effect that:

“In my late 30s, I was probably 145/95; with medication, I got it down to 130/80. And since I’ve been on acupuncture and not taking medication, I’ve been averaging 125/75.”

And the results of the acupuncture treatments have been shown to be long lasting – up to nine months, so far!

Encouraging news, indeed!!

The Healthpoint Kit  (HPKit1M)*

What’s in the box?

HealthPoint Kit


  • The Healthpoint electro-acupuncture device
  • 160 Condition Support Manual 
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Mastering Acupuncture DVD
  • Carrying Pouch 
  • Remote Probe
  • Earclips
  • Cottonbud Probe (if needed)



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My Impressions

Whilst the HealthPoint Electro-Acupuncture home system is designed to treat a large variety of different conditions, many of which cause pain, such as Arthritis, Migraine, Tendonitis and back injuries, I believe it can definitely help blood pressure related problems in conjunction with routine blood pressure monitoring and consultation with your Doctor.

There is a learning curve with this device, but once mastered you can quickly become as expert as any Acupuncturist in locating and treating the acupressure points related to your condition.  In the case of blood pressure, the primary points targeted are those related to stress and also depression (which nowadays is becoming a more common problem and is considered to be one primary cause of high blood pressure.)

The inventor of this system, Robert Redfern, is a respected health advocate, author, broadcaster and nutritional formulator.  He has devoted the last 30 years to helping people treat their health issues using a predominantly healthy lifestyle approach, combined with healthy diet plans and nutritional supplements when needed.

The system is based upon the medically proven principles of acupuncture, which have been used extensively around the world for centuries.  And its application is very safe.

The portability aspect of the device is very handy, as it pocket-sized and thus can be easily used ‘on the go’

Final Thoughts:

The initial investment in the HealthPoint System is not unsubstantial – $350 and it can only be purchased through the Good Health Naturally websites based variously in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

By way of comparison I found a similar product on Amazon which came in around the $300 mark. Electro Acupuncture Machine – Electro Acupuncture Device ITO ES 130.

Electro Acupuncture Device ITO ES 130

I could not uncover any bad testimonials despite an extensive search, and I also found evidence that hospitals, GPs and other medical professionals are also using this system to treat patients in their practices with positive outcomes

This is reassuring as I also note that there appears to be a no return policy on the system, should you be dissatisfied with your results.  However there is a Customer Service number you may contact in such an eventuality.

Overall, however, I think this is a quality product which could most definitely be used successfully to help manage blood pressure levels.  The plus would be that the device can also treat other ailments, and could easily be shared by family members, and even friends to help defray the initial expense.

I hope you found this review useful and informative and would welcome any comments below.  If you already own a HealthPoint unit it would be great to hear your experiences with it.