Exercise and Health

heart-of-bike-1Exercising and Blood Pressure


It will probably will come as no surprise to read that there is a positive relationship between Exercise and maintaining a healthy Blood Pressure.  What is perhaps surprising (and maybe also be a relief) is that Exercise does not have to be synonymous with slogging it out on fitness equipment for hours on end, or weight-lifting 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time!  Not that there is anything wrong with such activities for those who are into them, of course!

For many of us however, the good news is that Exercise can simply mean some sort of aerobic activity for a reasonable period of time each day – say 30 minutes.  And if 30 minutes at one go does not suit your circumstances, then short bursts of activity several times a day can also be beneficial e.g. climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator. 

There are many forms of  aerobic activity, for example:

       – sports such as tennis, bowling…

       – walking briskly.

       – cycling.

        – swimming.

        – dancing.

        – household chores, such as vacuuming.

        – active gardening, such as cutting grass or digging garden.

Simply put – the body needs regular movement to elevate both heart rate and respiration level. 

When this happens it creates the following process:

Exercise => Stronger Heart => Better blood circulation with less effort => Less force on arteries => Lower blood pressure

Research has shown that a sitting for long periods is not good for the body.  Indeed our forefathers would be horrified at the sedentary lifestyle many of us have adopted as a result of our automated way of life.  So it is very important to take regular breaks, get up and move around, whether at home or at work.  I like to set a timer when I am ‘chained’ to the computer, so that every hour I can ‘take 5’ and elevate my heart rate by walking around.  This also applies in the evenings when I am relaxing on the couch in front of the TV.  In this case I take advantage of the commercial breaks to get up and stretch a little. 

Every little bit helps and if you adopt an active life style by adding some aerobic exercises to your daily routine, your heart and your blood pressure will surely thank you for it.