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In the ever increasing world of technological advancement, which can impact our daily lives in almost as many ways as we can imagine, I like to make it a practice every once in a while to delve into what is new in this remarkable world of technology, as far as aiding and abetting the realm of healthcare is concerned, and specifically when it comes to managing blood pressure issues.

There is one innovation which is of particular interest and which has recently reached the marketplace, although at this point it is not yet available for purchase on…. but that will likely soon change… and that is a new device for measuring blood pressure levels which has been developed by an established and reliable producer of blood pressure measurement devices – namely:


OMRON has been in the business of developing technology to help monitor blood pressure for over 40 years and is a global leader when it comes to this niche.  Moreover, last year it was shown in a survey to be the #1 Brand recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists who approve of the Omron brand for at home bp monitors. And their brand is now available in 110 countries around the world.

The Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

heartguide bp watch

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Yes it is accurate to call the Omron Heartguide Wearable BP monitor a watch as it looks like a watch and it is worn like a watch which makes it both completely portable and convenient as far as size is concerned.

Perhaps the most developed personal health gizmo to date is a wearable heart rate sensor built into a smart watch, which Apple took a bit further by adding an ECG into its most recent Apple Watch model.

However,  Omron has come out with something close to this concept, but with a focus on blood pressure measuring instead.

Is this the future of BP measurement?

It is hard not to find this device an attractive alternative to the more conventional arm or even wrist blood pressure monitors which are widely available on the market right now…..

Just the sheer portability of the BP watch is a major plus in itself.  You can take it anywhere, and then whenever you need to check your BP – be it at work, during a jog, in the car stopped at lights, after a stressful meeting – the device is right there on your wrist.  And within 30 seconds you will have a read out on the screen! 

How can you not like that kind of convenience?

The brilliance is truly in the design and of course due to the wonders of micro-circuitry!!

How does it work exactly? 

Well, the engineers at Omron have built the BP cuff right into the watch band itself. So once activated this will inflate and the information on the user’s blood pressure will then be relayed directly to the screen!  Hard as it may be to believe, some of the pumps and valves involved in this process are as tiny as grains of rice.

The following video from Omron gives more information on this device….

It’s more than just a BP monitor

As you can see from the information provided by the video Omron has made their Heartguide Wearable BP Watch into more than just a device for measuring blood pressure.  And the additional features they have incorporated are all aspects of lifestyle changes which can promote healthy blood pressure control.

For example, one of the factors which can lead to high blood pressure is lack of and poor quality of sleep.  This watch can monitor sleep time and with the convenient Heartadvisor App build up a picture over time of sleep patterns.

It also tracks fitness, and how many times have we heard that one way to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels is to get enough regular exercise and activity.  With our very busy lives it is sometimes easy to overlook this important aspect of healthy living.  Tracking this by setting daily reminders serves as a useful reminder of when it’s time to get more active again!

And one thing which I think bears repeating is the fact that over the course of a day, blood pressure rises and falls according to level of activity, amount of stress felt, type of food consumed and so on.  Taking your BP once a day is not actually going to give you a dynamic picture of what is really going on with your BP.  However, this is usually the only option with more conventional BP monitors.

The video explains this aspect in more detail:

But now we have a device which can be set up with several alerts over the course of the day to remind the user to stop for a minute and take his/her blood pressure, and this in time will give a much more accurate record of what the user’s BP is doing and whether it should be a cause for concern.

In my opinion all these features make this a very attractive option, and personally I believe other companies will follow the lead that Omron has taken and in due course start to produce their own versions of this device .


At this point the availability of this device is limited to purchasing it on Omron Healthcare’s own website, and as noted earlier, because this is such a new product, it is not yet listed on

Included in package for $499 – which to some may seem a little expensive – are the following items:

  • 1 Monitor
  • 1 Paper Sizing Guide
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Charging Clip
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 2 Replacement Cuff Sleeves

I do anticipate as time goes, and with some healthy competition from some other leading manufacturers, this price will eventually come down.  So for now it may be worth adopting a wait and see attitude.

However, if you love the idea of such a useful and convenient monitor (and I must confess that I sure do!) then I believe, if you do choose to buy now, you will be investing in a very reliable and cutting edge product which will deliver on what it promises!!  

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