Can CBD oil help with high blood pressure?

happy marihuanaLegalization of Cannabis is a growing trend across the Globe 

There has been an increasing interest shown by governments of various jurisdictions over the last few years in the legalization of Cannabis and its products for recreational use.

Canada legalized the recreational use of Marihuana in October 2017, there are a number of States in the US (10 at this time) who have legalized the for pleasure use of Cannabis, whilst 33 States already allow the taking of medical marihuana under the supervision of a Doctor.  

And in Europe a growing number of countries are looking into relaxing regulations around the smoking of weed for personal use; indeed  several nations already allow it, such as The Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal.

Legalization of Cannabis may help BP sufferers.

So you might be wondering how exactly does movement towards legalization of recreational ‘Mary Jane’ help those of us who are dealing with high blood pressure issues?  

Well, the exciting thing about this relaxation of the law around consumption of cannabis products is that it potentially gives us another arrow in our quiver when it comes to a natural treatment of high blood pressure. This comes in the form of a compound of cannabis called CANNABIDIOL OIL.

CBD OIL and Blood Pressure

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from a chemical compound which is found in both hemp and cannabis products.  The other chemical compound also contained in both types of plants is TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL  or THC.                  . 

The significant difference, when it comes to legal status and concentration of respective chemicals, is that the CBD (which is found in higher concentrations in Hemp, and less so in Cannabis), does not contain any psychoactive properties, unlike the THC, which can cause a natural high for users.  Both compounds (CBD and THC) do offer health benefits, but good quality CBD oil from the right kind of Hemp plants offers the benefits which High Blood Pressure sufferers can benefit from – and of course it’s legal across all States in the US.   

Now let's have a look at the benefits of CBD oil 
on health in general and for Hypertension sufferers
in particular...

So does CBD oil lower Blood Pressure?

There are several key effects of CBD oil on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

  1. CBD oil has been shown to act as a vasodilator – in other words it relaxes the blood vessels and allow blood to circulate more freely, thereby lowering blood pressure as a result.
  2. It can act as a heart beat regulator and assist with conditions such as arrhythmia’s where the heart beat is irregular, or where the heart beat is too fast (tachycardia) or too slow (bradycardia).  All these conditions can lead to health complications over time, including rising blood pressure..
  3. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. The endocannabinoid 2-AG is able to bind to the CB2 receptor, which signals the immune system to send out fewer immune attack cells to an affected area, and this helps to reduce inflammation. This is true not only in the heart, but also in other areas of the body as well.
    endocannabinoid system

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    CBD oil can have an overall anti-inflammatory effect which helps to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure caused by narrowing of arteries due to long term inflammatory damage.  
  4. The analgesic and anxiety reducing effects of CBD oil can be used to support the body’s own endocannabinoid system in relationship to managing hypertension caused by ongoing  and chronic stress.

Some Evidence to support the effect of CBD oil on blood pressure

In a study conducted with the specific goal of investigating the effects of CBD oil on blood pressure, a group of healthy volunteers were given 600 mg of CBD or a placebo in a “randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study.” 

The results were impressive and showed not only a lowering of resting systolic blood pressure levels by 6mmHg, but also a reduction of systolic pressure (again by 6 mmHg) when the subjects were measured for stress reaction associated with an increased heart rate and peripheral blood vessel resistance due to exposure to cold. 

In other words, although the heart rate increased and blood vessels became restricted, both of which would naturally cause a rise in BP, the effect of the CBD oil was one of blunting the body’s response so that BP levels remained lower than expected.

The beneficial effects of CBD oil is attracting a large amount of attention and as a consequence in the near future we are going to see the results of more studies investigating how cannabinoids affect the various action sites in the body, for example how cannabinoids interact with the adrenoceptors in the Adrenal system.  Preliminary research with animals has produced some very promising outcomes, and I believe further research will only serve to confirm this.  In fact, today there are already a total of 168 clinical studies in progress which have been registered with the  National Library of Medicine in the U.S.

Things to consider when choosing CBD Oil

If you, like me, are interested in trying CBD Oil to see if it will indeed provide the healthy BP support the studies are suggesting it should, it is important to be aware that not all CBD oil supplements are made alike.  So it is good to adopt a Buyer Beware approach and not just settle for the cheapest product you can find on the shelf at your local Health Food store, or online.

A little research confirms that CBD oil works best when it is used as nature intended… that means using the complete range of phytochemicals found in the Hemp plant.  Many CBD oil preparations are made simply from the one element of the Hemp plant – the Cannabidiol extract.  But it has been shown that by using the multiple compounds (terpenes and flavonoids) of the plant, the synergistic or “whole plant” effect results in a much more powerful and effective product.

Other considerations should include where the CBD is sourced from and how “clean” it is.  Obviously, if it comes originally from overseas e.g. China, and has been likely washed down in pesticides, then you probably want to avoid it.   So ideally you want to look for an organic source of Hemp and preferably one grown locally in the USA – (or if you live there, in Canada)

One final factor to consider is the actual CBD concentration in the product. In addition to this, you should watch for the amount of THC which should be less than 0.3% and ideally as low as 0.1%.  Otherwise, you may be taking an illegal formula because the product contains too much of the psychoactive compound THC!Click here

When it comes to optimum dosage the following link provides some useful guidelines.         Just click on the button here =>>>


CBD Oil – a viable option

 Although I have focussed on the potential for CBD oil to be a viable natural alternative for managing healthy BP levels in this post, CBD oil has been associated with many other health benefits, for example:

          • Pain
          • Arthritis
          • Anxiety and Depression
          • Insomnia

    … to name a few.  Indeed the benefits are so varied that many people are starting to refer to Hemp as the next “IT” food.

As far as giving CBD oil a try, just remember it will not make you “High”  That is the affect of the THC compound found in Marijuana. The trace amounts of THC found in Hemp will not cause any kind of psychoactive reaction, so there is no worry there.

If you are on BP medications, you will naturally want to ask your Doctor how you can add CBD oil to your regimen – do not just supplement or replace medications without professional consultation first!

And if the CBD oil has the desired outcome and lowers your blood pressure, you may then need to discuss a reduction in your prescription medications with your Doctor as time goes on.  

And it should be noted that the effects of CBD oil will likely not happen overnight – it’s not a magic bullet!!  The effects take time and should be accompanied with other lifestyle changes which promote healthy BP, such as healthy diet and regular exercise!

I would love the hear from anyone who has tried CBD oil and has experienced success lowering their BP as a result.  Please feel free to comment below.




  1. Robert Stewart

    just started to notice a stabilization of my BP and a lowering enough to enable me to continue not using lisinopril and water pill.
    also knees stopped hurting.

    1. Nick (Post author)

      That’s really great news, Robert… Hopefully you will continue to see further benefits as time goes on. Thanks for sharing your success!

    2. Hugo

      How long were you on lisinopril before stabilization? I just got on lisinopril myself. Thanks


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